2000 Thomas' English Muffins 300 Fantasy Edition 3

2000 Season Fantasy Edition (THOMAS' English Muffins 300 @ Island Of Sodor Raceway, October 22nd, 2000) Edit

Notes Edit

  • Curse-words will be censored out by *bleep*s.

Car Numbers, Sponsors, Manufacturers, and Drivers Edit

  1. 1 Pennzoil Chevrolet (Jimmy Neutron)
  2. 2 Miller Lite Ford (Rudy Tabootie)
  3. 3 GM Goodwrench Chevrolet (Eddy "The Intimidator" McRich)
  4. 4 Kodak Chevrolet (Remy Buxaplenty) (playoff contender)
  5. 5 Kelloggs Corn Flakes Chevrolet (Imaginary Gary)
  6. 6 Valvoline Ford (Professor Finbarr Calamitous)
  7. 7 PHILLIPS Nation's Rent Chevrolet (Wanda)
  8. 8 Budweiser Chevrolet (Homer Simpson)
  9. 9 Kodiak Ford (Mojo Jojo)
  10. 10 Aaron's Pontiac (Jimmy from "Ed, Edd n Eddy")
  11. 12 Mobil 1 Ford (Snap White)
  12. 14 Conseco Pontiac (Nelson Muntz)
  13. 16 TV Guide Ford (Buttercup Simpson)
  14. 17 DEWALT Power Tools Ford (Evil Jimmy Clone)
  15. 18 Interstate Batteries Pontiac (Ed"Lumpy" Monobrow) (playoff contender)
  16. 19 MOTOROLA Ford (Eduardo)
  17. 20 Home Depot Pontiac (Eddward "Double-D" Marion) (playoff contender)
  18. 21 CITGO Ford (Princess Morbucks)
  19. 22 CATERPILLAR Pontiac (Sandy Cheeks) (playoff contender)
  20. 24 DUPONT Chevrolet (Timmy Turner) (playoff contender)
  21. 25 Michael Holigan Chevrolet (Trixie Tang) (playoff contender)
  22. 26 KMART Ford (Bubble Bass from "Spongebob Squarepants")
  23. 28 TEXACO Havoline Ford (Sheldon J. Plankton)
  24. 31 LOWE'S Chevrolet (Blooreguard Q. "Bloo" Kazoo)
  25. 32 Tide Ford (Blossom Neutron)
  26. 33 Oakwood Homes Chevrolet (Mac Kazoo) (playoff contender)
  27. 36 M&Ms Pontiac (Spongebob Squarepants)
  28. 40 Coors Light Chevrolet (Bart Simpson)
  29. 42 Bellsouth Chevrolet (Cindy Vortex) (playoff contender)
  30. 43 STP Pontiac (Bubbles Turner) (playoff contender)
  31. 44 Hot Wheels Pontiac (Kevin Shovelchin)
  32. 45 Spree/Sprint Chevrolet (Sheen Estevez)
  33. 55 Square-D Chevrolet (Stanley S. Squarepants)
  34. 60 Power Team Chevrolet (Francis Bull-E)
  35. 66 Route 66 KMART Ford (Fuzzy Lumpkins)
  36. 71 Real Tree Chevrolet (Cosmo)
  37. 75 Redcell Ford (Patrick Star)
  38. 77 JASPER Ford (Rolf)
  39. 88 Quality Care Ford (Lisa Simpson) (playoff contender)
  40. 93 Amoco Pontiac (Evil Officer Mike Brikowski)
  41. 94 McDonald's Ford (Squidward Tentacles)
  42. 97 John Deere Ford (Penny Sanchez) (playoff contender)
  43. 99 EXIDE Batteries Ford (Denzel Crocker) (playoff contender)

Race Winner Edit

  • 24 DUPONT Chevrolet (Timmy Turner)

Number Of Laps Edit

  • 75

Number Of Cautions Edit

  • 6

Quotes Edit

Quote 1 Edit

  • (wiki-special opens inside the Island Of Sodor Motor Speedway on race morning, with Timmy, Bubbles, Blossom, Rudy, Edd, Snap, Sandy, Ed, and Bart talking to Thomas, Percy, Gordon, Henry, Edward, James, Toby, Duck, and Duncan)
  • Timmy (after taking a bite of his buttered THOMAS' English muffin): Man, these are the BEST English muffins in all existence! THOMAS' English muffins hit the spot!
  • Percy: I didn't know Thomas could make crumpets, Timmy.
  • Timmy: He doesn't, Percy. THOMAS' is a BRAND of crumpets, or as we call them in the U.S, English muffins. *takes a bite of his buttered English muffin*
  • Gordon (rudely): That's right. Don't be ridiculous, little Percy! It's impossible for us engines to make food! We only deliver the ingredients for the chefs to prepare them!
  • Thomas: And you're being bossy, Gordon. Besides, we should all feel thrilled that we finally have a NASCAR race on the Island Of Sodor.
  • Edd: Thomas is right, Gordon. A NASCAR race on Sodor was quite ideal and saves us a lot of traveling seeing as how we all live on Sodor now.
  • Ed: Like hospitals?
  • Edd (annoyed): *unenthusiastically stares at Ed while pausing shortly* Puh-lease!
  • Toby: What's important is that you should all stand up on your own tires to Team REXCOR.
  • Blossom: Toby has an exact point. Garner Rexton promises that if anyone from his team wins this race, he'll buy the Island of Sodor using the race's pay money (in British pounds) and scrap the steam engines! He calls his plans, "The Island of REXCOR".
  • Sandy: Dead-gummit! The nerve of that Rexton! He ain't takin' over this fine railway!
  • Blossom: Not if any of us from Team FASTEX can help it!
  • Henry: Indeed, Blossom, and us engines will be watching all of you race from the right side of the start/finish line before the grandstands.
  • Percy: But it's a finish line!
  • Thomas: No Percy. The reason why it's called a start/finish line is because they run laps in this race, meaning that they start from the line and go around 75 times.
  • Percy: 75 times?! Wow, that must be long.
  • Snap (rudely): Aw, c'mon Choocho! We traveled hundreds of laps at the other racetracks! Why did they have to make this race 75 laps long today?!
  • Edd: *loud gasp* I am most astounded by you, Snap! First of all, sorry for Snap's belligerence, Percy and second, the reason why we must run 75 laps today is because this racing facility is about 4-miles long in length and that it has 14 turns. Usually on ovals, we'd run hundreds of laps but on long road courses like this, NASCAR limits the lap distance so that the drivers don't end up with major fatigue from being on the track too long.
  • James: Double-D's right, that wouldn't be fair to the drivers racing hundreds of laps on a huge 14-turn road course! That's like spending lots of hours pulling a stupid, long slow-goods train. YEECH!
  • Bubbles: I know. I always get so hot. But as long as I have the air conditioning in my car, I can keep on driving!
  • Percy: Like an engine to a water tank.
  • Bubbles: Yeah! Just like that!
  • Percy: You seem sweet, Bubbles.
  • Timmy: Yeah, Percton, and that's why she's my beautiful wife. *dips Bubbles, kisses her on the lips, and dips Bubbles back up with Bubbles blushing*
  • Duncan (to himself): Bah! This mushy stuff disgusts me.
  • Sandy: Ah, Pershal. You're one sweet engine yourself! *kisses Percy*
  • Percy (blushing): Oh, Sandy. By the way, Pershal sounds much less of a smaller engine name than my own. It makes me feel like one of the bigger engines.
  • Sandy: You really like my cute nickname for ya huh, Pershal?
  • Percy: Oh, yes.
  • Ed: Like apple-cations?
  • Sandy: *annoyed groan* First off all, birdbrain, I was talking to Percy and 2nd, can you be stupid somewhere else?
  • Ed: Have not a clue what you just said, Sandy.
  • Sandy: Anyway, despite Ed's stupid question, I really think I'd be headin' back here during the off-season to see ya, Percy.
  • Bart (rudely): Guess Sandy has a "boyfriend" on wheels.
  • Sandy: Shaddup Bart, and by the way, Principal Skinner will be working for MRN Radio today since Jack Arute couldn't make it today. He's commentating from "The Sodor Kink"(in reference to Turn 9).
  • Bart: *groan* Why does stupid Skinner have to work for MRN Radio?!
  • Rudy: That's because Principal Skinner had a 2nd job doing radio shows after school, and that NASCAR is his favorite sport.
  • Bart (to himself): *groans* That stupid stinky gator commentating a fu--*bleep*--ing race. (referring to Principal Skinner). *scene cuts to "NASCAR Raceday: Served By The Krusty Krab")

Quote 2 Edit

  • (scene cuts to Edd and Jackie in their hauler, eating crumpets for breakfast and having their morning coffee and tea)
  • Edd: Isn't it wonderful the Island of Sodor is holding a race, dear? It's wonderful living on the Island Mr. Conductor and Timmy introduced us to through their stories. (referring to the Shining Time Station crossovers connected to the "NASCAR 2000 Fantasy Edition" wiki-series) 
  • Jackie: I couldn't agree more with you, dear. *sips her tea*
  • Edd: Why, if it wasn't for Lisa and I working as Percy's crew, none of us including our friends and respective families, would live on this BEAUTIFUL island. 
  • Jackie: And my sister Juliet was kind enough to fill in as Percy's temporary driver when you and Lisa are racing or whenever you both are unavailable. 
  • Edd: A loyal sister-in-law Juliet is to me. 
  • Jackie: I'm just worried about tonight's HORRID storm. It makes me nervous. Maggie is especially scared of horrid storms.
  • Edd: Chin up, turtledove. All is well. You know your sister will be watchful of your wonderful canine!
  • Jackie: I know. As good a dog Maggie is, storms make her bark up a storm of her own. 
  • Edd: Humorous. *then he receives a text from Sir. Topham Hatt* Ah, it's from Sir Topham Hatt. (reads the text in silent) *gasps in horror*
  • Jackie (worried): What's wrong, Hon?
  • Edd (sadly): I'm afraid your sister Juliet has taken ill, Turtledove. If I go fill in for Juliet tonight in the horrid storm after the race this afternoon and the team meeting this evening, I won't have time to take you to our home because I must be on the clock, and you must have to come with me aboard Percy.
  • Jackie (sadly): Oh no, and that means Maggie's going to have no one to calm down to, and she will urinate everywhere in our bedroom out of fear, pant scaredly, and possibly develop a panic attack! She is EASILY sensitive and timid! I don't want her time to come! *sobs while covering her face*
  • Edd (sadly): *gets up out of his chair and goes to Jackie and hugs her, and wipes the tears off her face, and shushes her calmly* It'll be alright, Jackie. If the engines can survive a storm, so can Maggie. 
  • Jackie (sadly): I hope you're right, dear. *sniffles*
  • Edd (sadly): Looks like we need a miracle now, Turtledove. *sniffles*
  • Jackie (sadly): *pants sadly* *her iPhone rings, and she picks up* Hello, Jackie Evancho Marion speaking. Who's calling please? *sniffles*
  • Sir. Topham Hatt (on the phone): *chatters*
  • Jackie (sadly): Oh, salutations Sir. *Sir. Topham Hatt chatters* Oh, yes. I heard my sister Juliet is sick and can't work with Percy for tonight. *sniffles* *Sir. Topham Hatt chatters* Y-Y-Y-You want ME to work with Percy tonight? *Sir. Topham Hatt chatters* Thank you, Sir, but who's gonna take care of poor Maggie if I am gone? Does Edd have to come with me? *Sir. Topham Hatt chatters* Oh, thank you, Sir. You are so kind and loving. Hopefully Edd will be home in time to save and comfort poor Maggie. *Sir. Topham Hatt chatters* *sighs in relief* Bless you, Sir. I will tell him. *Sir. Topham Hatt chatters* Goodbye, Sir. See you tonight. *Sir. Topham Hatt chatters* Awwww.... thank you, Sir. Safety first. *hangs up*

Quote 3 Edit

Quote 4 Edit

  • ("Rule Britannia" plays with an overview of the Island Of Sodor Raceway and the British NASCAR fans waving British flags, cheering/roaring, and blaring air-horns)
  • Bob Jenkins (ESPN): We're here live from the merry ole United Kingdom! And this British island is known the Island Of Sodor! This famous British island is filled with talking trains and road vehicles, and a lot of tourists. And now the Island Of Sodor has more tourists than ever! Why, because the NASCAR Winston Cup Series is in town for Race 6 of the NASCAR "Chase For The Cup" Playoff Series, which is an Eliminator Round! *"Rule Britannia" fades into silence, along with the scene fading to the ESPN Broadcast Booth* (in unison to the playoff crowd cheering/roaring and blaring air-horns in the background) Hello everyone, I'm Bob Jenkins alongside former NASCAR Champions and race analysts, Benny Parsons and Ned Jarrett. Not only this is the second to last race of the season outside of the U.S (foreshadowing the "2000 Fairy World 500 Fantasy Edition" wiki), but this is one of the most CRUCIAL races for Team Fastex.
  • Benny Parsons (ESPN / in unison to the playoff crowd cheering/roaring and blaring air-horns in the background): Indeed Bob, because with only 2 races to go in Round 2 before the Knock-Out Round after Citiesville (foreshadowing the "2000 Chum Bucket 500 Fantasy Edition" wiki), Team Fastex DON'T WANT those 2 Team REXCOR contenders to take those playoff spots in the final round. Because if Team REXCOR DOES clinch those 2 spots in the Knock-Out Round, Team Fastex will HAVE to win those 2 races in order to clinch the Team Championship before the final race at Atlanta (foreshadowing the "2000 NAPA 500 Fantasy Edition" wiki), and have 2 Team Fastex drivers battle it out for the Drivers' Championship.
  • Ned Jarrett (ESPN / in unison to the playoff crowd cheering/roaring and blaring air-horns in the background): Indeed Benny, cause if Team REXCOR does get its 2 drivers into the Knockout Round, Team REXCOR would have to win 2 races and/or make it in on championship points to rack up the Team Championship and put Team Fastex out of business. If Team Fastex gets at least 1 win in one of those 2 races, they would HOPE that one of the Team REXCOR playoff contenders does NOT get in the Championship Round in Atlanta on championship points.
  • Benny Parsons (ESPN / in unison to the playoff crowd cheering/roaring and blaring air-horns in the background): You're right, Ned. Cause after Denzel Crocker's infamous win in Wilson Way (in reference to the "2000 Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends 400 Fantasy Edition" wiki) in which it locked him into the Knock-Out Round, Eddy McRich would have to win one of these 2 races or make it in on championship points in order to make it to the Knock-Out Round, beginning at Homestead-Miami Speedway (foreshadowing the "2000 Buzz Cola 400 Fantasy Edition" wiki).
  • Bob Jenkins ESPN / in unison to the playoff crowd cheering/roaring and blaring air-horns in the background): Will Team Fastex keep Team REXCOR's Eddy McRich at bay today and get back their momentum after 2 terrible races? We will find out after 75 laps of racing here in the Island Of Sodor. Rain is in the forecast, but we all have nothing to worry about because since this a road course, we will be able to race in the rain with the cars using special rain tires and windshield wipers should the skies open up later in the race.
  • Benny Parsons (ESPN / in unison to the playoff crowd cheering/roaring, and blaring their air-horns in the background): You're right, Bob. Unlike ovals when NASCAR forbids us from racing in the rain, road courses like this are PERFECT for racing in this type of weather. Why? Because rain tires on ovals can wear quickly than they would on a road course to only left turns easily wearing out the wet rubber. Jimmy Neutron said in his pre-race interview before we went on the air that he will introduce a new invulnerable rain tire specially designed for ovals that NASCAR will approve and will be used next year, depending if Team Fastex wins the Team Championship this year.
  • Bob Jenkins (ESPN / in unison to the playoff crowd cheering/roaring, and blaring their air-horns in the background): We'll see how these drivers can handle the wet conditions later on in the event. Under an overcast but rain-threatening sky here in the Island Of Sodor, the drivers, the fans, and WE'RE all ready for the starting of the engines here in Race 6 of the 2000 "Chase For The Cup" Playoff Series! Let's go trackside for the command!
  • British P.A Announcer: And now for the most famous words in motorsports *playoff crowd suddenly cheers/roars loudly and blares their air-horns in unison*, please welcome your grand marshal for today's inaugural running of the THOMAS' English Muffins 300, the Island Of Sodor's own, Sir Topham Hatt! *playoff crowd cheers/roars loudly and blares their air-horns in unison*
  • Sir Topham Hat (proudly): Thank you. On behalf of the Island Of Sodor, our beloved and famous engines, and you the greatest fans in the world, ladies and gentlemen, do us all a favor and START YOUR ENGINES!!!! *playoff crowd cheers/roars loudly and blares their air-horns*
  • *engines start and rev loudly, in unison to the playoff crowd cheering/roaring loudly and blaring their air-horns in unison* *scene cuts to the excited engines by the stands hearing the cars start and rev right front of them)*
  • Percy (amazed to the sound of the cars / with the cars' engines starting and revving in unison): WOW! These cars are loud! *Spongebob then revs his engine loudly*
  • Duck: *Plankton revs his engine once in unison* We're cheering for you, Team FASTEX!
  • Thomas (with the cars' engines rumbling in unison): Little people like little engines CAN do big things!
  • Percy (with the cars' engines rumbling in unison): WE LOVE YOU, TEAM FASTEX!!!! *Bart revs his engine twice in unison*
  • Henry (with the cars' engines rumbling in unison) *Mac revs his engine once in unison* Win this for ALL of us on Sodor!!!!
  • James (with the cars' engines rumbling in unison): (Spongebob and Plankton rev their engines in unison) Don't let us down! Sodor NEEDS this victory!!!!!!
  • Gordon (with the cars' engines rumbling in unison): (Mac revs his engine in unison): Someday, I WILL run 200 miles per hour then I WILL be the fastest engine in the world!
  • Duck (with the cars' engines rumbling in unison): Beg pardon, Gordon, but last time you went half that many miles, you lost your dome! (in reference to the Thomas story "Gordon & The Famous Visitor")
  • Gordon (with the cars' engines rumbling in unison): PAH! Who cares?!
  • Percy (with the cars' engines rumbling in unison / confused): (in unison to Bart revving his engine twice) What's that weird sound the cars are making?!
  • Thomas (with the cars' engines rumbling in unison): The cars are revving their motors, Percy! It's good for the cars to warm up!
  • Percy (with the cars' engines rumbling in unison): Well, that's something I learned that's new!
  • Edward (with the cars' engines rumbling in unison): (in unison to Mac revving his engine multiple times) And a car needs gas like an engine needs coal and water!
  • Gordon (with the cars' engines rumbling in unison): Who cares, little Edward?! Fuel is fuel! HMPH! *scene cuts to the ESPN Broadcast Booth*
  • Bob Jenkins (ESPN): The 43 cars have roared to life here in the Island Of Sodor, *scene cuts to the track* And we're ready to get Race 6 of the "Chase For The Cup" Playoff Series underway! The green flies next on ESPN! *scene cuts to Timmy's cockpit*

Quote 5 Edit

  • Bob Jenkins (ESPN / in unison to the HYSTERICALLY cheering/roaring playoff crowd with their air-horns blaring): The field comes off Turn #14 down this long frontstretch, waiting for the pace-car to pull into the pits to begin Race 6 of the 2000 "Chase For The Cup" Playoff Series, *playoff crowd cheers/roars louder as the pace-car pulls into the pits* and now the pace-car does so! *scene cuts to the engines by the start/finish line*
  • Henry (in unison to the HYSTERICALLY cheering/roaring crowd with their air-horns blaring in the background): The race is about to start!!!
  • Thomas (in unison to Henry and the playoff crowd): Here we go, Percy!!!! *scene cuts back to the track*
  • Bob Jenkins (ESPN / in unison to the HYSTERICALLY cheering/roaring playoff crowd with their air-horns blaring): Pole-sitter, Penny Sanchez will lead the field down to the line *cars accelerate to take the green flag waved by Burnett Stone, in unison to the HYSTERICALLY cheering/roaring playoff crowd with their air-horns blaring* as Sodor hero, Burnett Stone waves the green flag! The THOMAS' English Muffins 300 is underway! Glad you're with us on ESPN!
  • Joe Moore (MRN Radio): Green flag is in the air and we're underway on the Island Of Sodor! 2-by-2, they reach top speed as they now head to Turn #1 on this new road-course!
  • Dan Hubbard (MRN Radio): So far, nobody has the advantage between Penny Sanchez and Timmy Turner! Turner will try to out-brake Sanchez into the right-hand Turn #1, and he does so! Timmy Turner takes the lead here in Sodor! It'll be Penny Sanchez in that 2nd spot! They're side-by-side for 3rd as they head to Turn #2!
  • Steve Post (MRN Radio): Timmy Turner sets the pace into Turn #3! He brakes into that right-hand turn! Right in his tire-tracks is Penny Sanchez! In the 3rd spot is Ed Monobrow! Trixie Tang runs in the 4th spot! Denzel Crocker runs in the 5th spot! They fan out now, and they race single file down the sweep!
  • Mike Bagley (MRN Radio): They cross underneath the DUNLOP bridge now, getting ready for the first plunge into Turn #5! Timmy Turner now will dive down into the corner with Penny Sanchez hot-to-trot right there! Everybody's downshifting to 2nd gear! Here comes Turner, he's through cleanly! The first 5, first 10 cars, now everybody's through cleanly as they climb the hill in Turn #6!
  • Dillon Welch (MRN Radio): It remains the same order at the top of the hill! Timmy Turner, Penny Sanchez, Ed Monobrow, now being pressured by Trixie Tang in the #25 car! In the battle for 3rd, Monobrow's looking to the inside of Sanchez and he'll make contact into Turn #7!
  • Woody Cain (MRN Radio): They're STILL side-by-side as they come off of Turn #7! Timmy Turner opens up a 5 car-length lead now! Turner goes hard on the brakes as he makes the left-hander into Turn #8! Penny Sanchez is "hot on her heels", but Trixie Tang's closing in and trying to make a move on Ed Monobrow as they head toward the carousel!
  • David Hyatt (MRN Radio): That will be the battle for the 3rd spot as Trixie Tang now falls back in line single-file, and pins that car down to the bottom of the racetrack! They'll stretch it back out now with Timmy Turner into the "Sodor Kink"! *scene cuts to Timmy Turner's cockpit*
  • (in the "Sodor Kink")
  • Timmy (in 1st): Man, how long IS this track?! Ah, well. I like a nice long run. Especially when I'm in the lead! *scene cuts to the ESPN Broadcast Booth*
  • Bob Jenkins (ESPN): We now have the first Servicemaster Clean caution flag *scene cuts to the track with an overview of Patrick Star's #75 Redcell Ford stuck in the gravel trap in Turn #5* due to Patrick Star's spin into the gravel trap in Turn #5 moments ago. (in unison, Patrick Star stupidly quotes "Does somebody know if the gravel traps are made out of ice cream?") Safety vehicles are at the scene, now pulling the #75 car out of that gravel trap. But the sad thing is for Patrick, he has a lot of making up to do in this race.

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  • Bob Jenkins (ESPN / in unison to the HYSTERICALLY cheering/roaring crowd cheering for Timmy as he crossed the start/finish line to win the race): Here come the cars down to the finish line, Timmy Turner will win the THOMAS' English Muffins 300 here on The Island Of Sodor! (in unison, Timmy happily cries out, "YEAH!!!! WHOOOO!!!! TAKE THAT, REXCOR!!!! CRY ALL YOU WANT, DORKY! YOU DIDN'T GET YOUR WAY!"), and Eddy angrily cries like a baby and pounds the steering wheel like a baby) What an INCREDIBLE win for Team Fastex!
  • Benny Parsons (ESPN / in unison to the HYSTERICALLY cheering/roaring crowd as Timmy won the race): Team Fastex IS BACK, Bob! After 2 devastatin' losses in Amity Park and Wilson Way!
  • Ned Jarrett (ESPN / in unison to the HYSTERICALLY cheering/roaring crowd as Timmy won the race): Team Fastex FINALLY came through and grabbed that MUST WIN for the team. Now all they have to do is CONTINUE to keep Eddy McRich at bay next weekend at Citiesville (foreshadowing the "2000 Chum Bucket 500 Fantasy Edition" wiki), and it will NOT be easy because that city is ENEMY TERRITORY for Team Fastex with all the Team REXCOR fans booin' jeerin' and spittin' on em'.

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  • (scene fades into Percy's shed in the cold, rainy, stormy night)
    • Jackie (wearing a raincoat) comes in Percy's shed and closes the door*
  • Jackie (calmly / kindly): *thunder rolls in unison and lightning flashes in the door-window in unison as well* Good evening, Percy.
  • Percy (scaredly): Oh, Jackie, I'm glad to see you. This storm is a very...f-f-frightening one...!!!!
  • Jackie (calmly / kindly): Awwww.... I know, poor little green one. I deeply understand that the weather this evening upsets and scares you very much. *hugs Percy to calm him down*
  • Percy (sadly / scaredly): W-W-W-Where's J-J-J-Juliet? She's supposed to w-w-w-work with me t-t-tonight. *gulps nervously*
  • Jackie (calmly / kindly): (deeply explaining to Percy about Juliet and poor scared Maggie on what they had to go through) My poor sister caught a fever and Edd needed to stay in her place to watch over Maggie. She's as terrified as storms as you are, Percy.
  • Percy (sadly): What?! *tears up* I'm so sorry for your sister and dog, Jackie! I hope they'll be alright! *cries in sadness, worrying about Juliet and Maggie* But I also don't know if they TRULY will be! *sobs more in sadness and worry*
  • Jackie (calmly / kindly): (while wiping tears off Percy's face) Calm down, Percy. *shushes Percy calmly* You know they'll be ok. You and your friends have survived disastrous events like this, even worse ones.
  • Percy (sadly): *sadly gulps* Y-y-you think so...?
  • Jackie (calmly / kindly): I know so! And don't worry, sweetie. Edd is on his way home right now to take care of little Maggie right now since he dropped me off here to put you to work for the night. *kisses Percy on the cheek*
  • Percy (sadly): *blushes sadly at Jackie's kiss* Thanks, Jackie... *sniffles*
  • Jackie (calmly / kindly): Now, let's get your fire started. *calmly opens the sheds, goes to Percy's cab and lights his fire, and his firebox glowed hot, and Percy had a good head of steam* Now, my dear one, we must head to work.
  • Percy (while shuddering in such fright): *in unison, peeps on his whistle in fright, and wheeshes steam loudly out of fright* NO! I don't want to go out there, Jackie! *breathes heavily out of fright, but Jackie calms him down little by little by rubbing him and shushing him calmly*
  • Jackie (calmly and kindly): *shushes him calmly as she rubs him* Neither do I, sweetie. But we must help the fans get to the docks and the airport safely so they can head home.
  • Percy (sadly / in fright): (in unison, thunder rolls and claps, and lightning flashes* Oh, dear! Oh, dear! *whimpers as he puffs out*
  • Jackie (voice only / calmly / kindly): *shushes him calmly* Don't worry, sweetie. You have me to calm down to. *scene fades into Edd and Jackie's bedroom*
  • Edd (worriedly / sadly): *runs in and closes the bedroom door in fright and worry, and sees Maggie running and panting scaredly while urinating on the floor in panic* Oh... MAGGIE! *panicky gets the cloth and ties Maggie to absorb her fluid, and he grabs her and hugs her to calm her down little by little*
  • Edd (sadly / calmly to Maggie): (while petting her and cuddling with her* Be brave, fine canine. *shushes her calmly in tears* It's okay sweetie, daddy's (referring to himself) here. I'm here to keep you company, Maggie sweetie. *shushes her calmly*

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  • Since this is the 2000 season, the commentators on TV (ESPN) will be Bob Jenkins (now retired) & Benny Parsons (1941-2007).
  • The MRN Radio commentators for this wiki-race will be Jeff Streigle & Joe Moore (in the booth), Dan Hubbard (Turn #1), Steve "The Postman" Post (Turns 2, 3, & 4, and the long-straight), Mike Bagley (Turns 5 & 6), Dillon Welch (straightaway to Turn #7), Woody Cain (Turn #7), David Hyatt (carousel), Seymour Skinner (the "Sodor Kink"), Tony Rizzuto (Turn #12), and Alex Hayden (Turns 13 and 14).
  • The TV pit reporters (ESPN) will be Bill Weber, Dr. Jerry Punch, Marty Schneider, Matt Yocum, and Wally Dallenbach.
  • The radio pit reporters (MRN Radio) will be Winston Kelley, Jason Toy, Jim Phillips, Krista Voda, Kyle Rickey, and Adam Alexander
  • This is the ONLY time Seymour Skinner calls a race for MRN Radio as a fill-in announcer.
  • This is the 6th race of the NASCAR Playoff Series known as the "Chase For The Cup", and the 2nd ELIMINATOR Round.
  • This is the 2nd to last race of the season outside of the U.S. (foreshadowing the "2000 Fairy World 500 Fantasy Edition" wikis).
  • This will be the ONLY race in the "NASCAR 2000 Fantasy Edition" series that will be run in the rain (starting on Lap 25 out of 75 laps).
  • This is the last road course race of the year, and the ONLY wiki-race that rain tires will be used.
  • The Island Of Sodor Raceway is a spoof of Road America.

Island Of Sodor Raceway (spoof of Road America) Edit